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Adrift!: A Minecraft Challenge Map

with 13 comments

This post presents the challenge map I’ve made for Minecraft.  I’m looking for a few Minecraft players to test-play it before I unleash it on the official forums.  So, if you like to play structured challenge maps consider giving Adrift! a try this week.

Feedback is always appreciated.  I’m curious if you got stuck anywhere or found something you suspect is a bug.  Leave comments right here on the thread.  I’m planning on about a week of testing.

Download the save file here!

I.  About Adrift!

You start aboard a boat as the sole survivor of a mysterious calamity.  Unable to sail the boat by yourself, you must find a way to survive when there is no land in sight.

Adrift was made from a map generated on Minecraft Beta 1.2, using MCEdit and InvEdit.

II.  How to install the save file [Windows]

The save file is distributed in a zip file.  You must first extract it in a directory of your choosing by right clicking and selecting “Extract Here”.  Next, you must take the “World5” folder and replace your current “World5” folder in the proper folder where Minecraft places its files.  You will lose your current World 5 map if you over-write it.

Also note this file is also located inside the zip file.  Place it somewhere you can find it again.

To find the Minecraft save file folder on your system, refer to this or other existing forum threads on the topic:

III.  Challenge Rules

The goal of this challenge map is what you choose to make of it.  These rules are suggestions only.

Do not:

  • Use modifications which assist you in mapping, modify your inventory, or modify the game map.
  • -Stray from the game area.  The map has been built primarily inside a box of 128 by 128 blocks.  The boundaries of this box are marked by cobblestones floating one unit above the water level.  Exploring the ocean floor beyond the boundary will not reveal special areas that award points.
  • Play on peaceful mode or use peaceful mode in an emergency situation.


  • Manage your resources carefully.  Certain resources cannot be found naturally due to a lack of dry land.  There are single replacement units of the following renewable resources hidden on the map, should you lose your original supply:  saplings, cacti, and sugarcane.
  • Explore beneath the ocean floor.  Occasionally you will find a sign indicating a discovery of one of the secrets of Adrift! and earn points.
  • Use the adventurer’s log when indicated.  The adventurer’s log contains entries which may give clues to help you locate special features.  Not every entry in the adventurer’s log is legitimate, so only rely upon those which are referenced on the game map.
  • Realize that sea level is not at the same position as as a normal Minecraft map.  If you move to a position which forces generation of new chunks, it will look strange.
  • Have fun.

III.  Challenge Scoring

A score is calculated by taking the Points Awarded (Part I) and multiplying by the Difficulty Modifier (Part 2).

Part I:  Points Awarded

  • [1] Make an Island.  Build at least 300 blocks of dry land.  Dry land is defined as a solid surface block which has ocean located neither above nor below.
  • [1] Build a Tower.  You need a high place to watch for rescue boats.  Build a tower with an accessible 8-block or larger platform at max height
  • [1] Raise Some Livestock.  Earn this award the first time you see a pig, sheep, cow, or chicken spawn on your island.
  • [1] Mess with Lava.  Build a structure using at least 64 obsidian blocks.
  • [1] Make a Food Stockpile.  Stash these items in a chest at the same time:  3 loaves of bread, 3 cooked ham, 3 cooked fish, 3 cakes, 64 wheat, 32 eggs, 32 sugar, 3 buckets of milk, and 3 bowls of mushroom stew.
  • [1] Keep a Scoreboard.  Keep track of your points in game by building a room upon the walls of which signs are placed indicating categories for points have been earned.
  • [1] Ride the Train.  Build a minecart system which can travel between the surface of your island and the top layer of adminium.
  • [1] Corner the Diamond Market.  Gather a cache of at least 64 diamonds.  Diamonds converted to tools or armor do not count in the total.
  • [1] Be an Arborist.  Have 10 large trees at the same time on your island.  These are trees that have at least one branches coming from the main trunk.
  • [1] Become a Monster’s Bane.  Devise a device which automatically harms monsters generated by a MOB spawner.
  • [1] Build a Cozy House.  Build a home using at least 64 brick blocks, 9 book cases, 12 blocks of glass, 12 sandstone blocks, and 12 smooth stone.
  • [1] Frolic in Green Fields.  Have at least 40 grass blocks on your island.
  • [1] Be To Dye For.  Collect one of each possible hue of wool (no brown until implemented).
  • [1] Discover Secret #1
  • [1] Discover Secret #2
  • [1] Discover Secret #3
  • [1] Discover Secret #4
  • [1] Discover Secret #5
  • [1] Discover Secret #6
  • [3] Escape!  To end the challenge, build a boat (not the standard boat, but a structure that looks like a boat).  A boat must consist of: at least 32 wood or log blocks, 16 wool blocks (for the sail), and one storage chest filled with: a compass, a watch, one standard boat (a lifeboat), one fishing pole, 3 buckets of water, and the remaining slots filled with food items (food can count double for the food stockpile above).

Part II:  Difficulty Modifier

Your initial multiplier is 1.  Add or subtract the following to your multiplier if you play with these restrictions:

  • [1] Hard Core mode.  Play until you experience your first death, then total your points.
  • [0.5] Memorial mode.  A lighter version of hard core mode.  For each player respawn, you must add a gravesite to a designated graveyard on your island.  A gravesite consists of a single cobblestone, a redstone torch, and a yellow or red flower.
  • [-0.25] Multiplayer penalty for Iron Man or Memorial Mode.  Reduce your modifier for each player beyond the first.
  • [1] Vegetarian mode.  You like animals, thus you may never eat ham or fish.

IV.  Adventurer’s Log

Read the numbered entry when directed to by a sign you find in placed on the game map.  A large proportion of these entries are fake to prevent you from reading ahead.

[Entry 1]

I don’t know how long I’ve been out, but now that I’m awake I wonder why I was spared when everyone else was taken.  We were returning from an expedition to the King’s newest colony on board the navy ship Golden Cutlass.  I was sent to study the flora of this alien land and the captain to collect the spoils of the war.

For three weeks we were becalmed, a thousand miles from land if the navigator is to be believed.  Supplies ran short and careful rationing began to take its toll on the crew.  Then, two or three night ago–I cannot reckon the time exactly–an awful tempest swept across the broad sea, tossing our boat and swamping it nearly to sinking.  Being the only civilian on the ship, I was confined to my room during the tumult.  I was all to glad, as I was seasick so bad as to prefer death over the continued sway and sally of the cabin.

I do not know when the crew disappeared.  There was a lifeboat on board.  Perhaps they left, fearing the imminent break up of the craft.  I do not know how long I slept after I passed out from my illness.  I do not know where I am.

The ship, which seemed too small when crowded with rowdy and surly sailors now seems unmanageably large.  The sails are in tatters, but even if they were fit for the sea, I cannot pilot such a large craft by myself.

[Entry 2] I knew there was gold on board, as the door to this chamber was kept guarded day and night.  I’m certain the captain has hidden a small fortune in diamonds elsewhere on the Golden Cutlass.

[Entry 3]

I see the lava pool and my heart sinks.  I cannot risk a serious burn to further explore this place.  I should take what baubles the lava has left me within easy reach and be content.

[Entry 4]

In the old country, many brave heros spent their lives trying to plump such foul darkness so that children may play outside in the early evening without fear of violence.  Even now I can hear the creak and groan of an unnatural horde that awaits below.

[Entry 5]

My terrarium survived the tempest.  Inside are living samples of the grass that provided staple substinence to the natives living in the King’s colony.

[Entry 6]

In the captain’s study, I came across this entry in the log:

“Saw again today the black sails on the horizon.  We cannot make too little haste.”

[Entry 7]

Amazing, I declare!  To find such wealth and have nowhere to spend it.  In my studies at the royal institute I learned geology, and I know that there is likely to be even more of such wealth hidden, where it crytalized within the lava nearby.

[Entry 8]

The sea anchor has caught and it is a two-man job to raise it.  The review of the stockpiles is dire.  At the last dinner I had in his stateroom, the captain said these waters were rarely traveled.  If I am to survive, I must somehow turn my creaking, wooden prison into a farm and shelter.  The ocean bottom is tantalizingly close, but I know I will not find arable soil there.  I must hope that the past geological eras have folded and reworked this submerged land, trapping soil deep within.

[Entry 9]

Like a fool, I had asked a sailor on the trip out why we carried stones in the bottom of the boat.  At least I provided the crew with some small entertainment during the voyage.  The ballast, as it is called, is to keep the ship upright.  Now I can foresee a new use for it.

[Entry 10]

In the captain’s study, I cam across this entry in the log:

“The night watchman saw him again last night on the forecastle.  I cannot commit his name to parchment, but one will never forget his white eyes.”

[Entry 11]

At least I’ve placed myself.  This is what the captain feared.  It would be better if I died so that the world didn’t know the location of Benson’s Tomb, thought safely buried in the deepest of depths.

[Entry 12]

My uncle always said, “You can’t eat gold bars.  Invest in pork.”  Now the King’s ransom can do me little good.

[Entry 13]

My situation isn’t so dire now that I see the light of the sun.  Rescue can only be a few days away.  I might even be able to swim to dry land, if the wind stays calm.

[Entry 14]

The last thing I expected to find beneath the waves was the study of a learned man.  This must be Benson’s Folly.  The fragments of his journal indicate that his investors thought he was opening a portal system through which the spice trade might bypass the expense and uncertainty of seafaring ships.

The journal ends with no sign of foul play, like the man who tells his wife he’s going out for a pint and never returns.  The pathway through must surely be lost by now, and any record of Benson’s end obliterated by the strange forces he courted.

[Entry 15]

I’ve found one of Benson’s artifacts.  Perhaps there is another way to return to civilization?

[Entry 16]

In the captain’s study, I came across this final entry in the log:

“Navigator wants to take the southerlies and avoid Benson’s Folly, adding a month to the voyage.  If we are to meet the king’s deadline, I fear there is no other option.  Halved the navigator’s cake ration.”

Written by Bill

January 21, 2011 at 11:47 pm

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  1. I just watched Waterworld. Good Job.


    March 6, 2011 at 6:27 pm

  2. Wow. this challenge is just amazing. The challenge itself is innovative, but its the design of the boat that really amazes me, I’ve only just started and I’ve already love the story.


    March 8, 2011 at 5:41 pm

  3. First of all this is a GREAT map, but I was wondering the rules state do not modify the map, does this me we may not use the wood from the sails?

    Gerald Rickson

    April 1, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    • The rules say to not use game modifications with the map. That’s not the same thing as modifying the map, so cannibalizing the boat is allowed.


      April 4, 2011 at 1:42 pm

  4. i have no idea what your talking about world 5… please explain in more detail! i really want to try this!


    April 22, 2011 at 4:44 pm

  5. Where is benson’s Folly?


    June 22, 2011 at 3:16 am

    • Benson’s folly is under a sandstone pillar in the middle of a depression in the land almost directly under the edge of the boundaries. I’m not sure exactly what edge it’s near, but the pillar is about 7 blocks high, and there’s a hole under it. Bring ladders so you can breathe… and a good pickaxe. BTW if you’re looking for glowstone, there’s one in the folly.
      Now, can anyone tell me where the tomb is?


      June 24, 2011 at 4:08 pm

  6. i went minecing and found 4 mob spawners in teh same area right next to each other wtf


    June 23, 2011 at 4:48 pm

  7. Can anyone post an actual image of Benson’s Folly?


    June 27, 2011 at 4:57 am

  8. That’s an awesome and challenging map, man! I’m playing this on easy mode, cause i suck at fighting monsters, but the part I prefer it’s collecting resources using the few you start with. I’m also writing a “survival diary” on a .txt file, but it’s in my language (italian) and translating it would be boring :l
    Anyway, great work!


    September 9, 2011 at 10:01 am

  9. How can ironman give minus score? o.O


    September 25, 2011 at 5:52 am

  10. The front low side of the boat will gave you a downslope entrance if you use a 3×4 gravel towards the bottom of the sea.


    October 6, 2011 at 8:29 pm

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