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Digital Monkey Shines is a labor of love and I have an interest in protecting my content.  Herein, I also explain how the blog is moderated and supported.

1.  If you wish to repost material from Digital Monkey Shines, please contact me for permission via the contact form.  I reserve the right to refuse permission, if I feel your presentation doesn’t serve the content properly.

2.  I reserve the right to earn money through affiliate programs, advertising, or other forms of support to pay for blog expenses.  As of 4/29/2011, I have used Amazon affiliate links to help raise money to remove ads from this blog.

3.  Any complimentary items provided to me for review will be identified as such in any review I write, and there is to be no expectation of reciprocity in the form of a good review, or of any review at all.

4.  Comments are welcomed, but I reserve the right to moderate and/or remove those which are not conducive to civil discourse.  Hate mail can be sent via my contact form, but do not expect me to waste time getting into a argument.

5.  Opinions are my own, they do not represent my employer, my family, my friends, nor the entire state of Nebraska.

6.  I will add to or modify this page as special cases arise.

Written by Bill

October 14, 2010 at 3:31 pm

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