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Minecraft Challenges (v. 1.1.2_01)

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Looking for a challenge map?  Try my Adrift! challenge map.

The fine folks over at Carl’s Sims 3 Guide have made a habit of creating interesting challenges for Sims 3.  Challenges have a long history in the Sims franchise, since the game is far from linear and allows for all sorts of play styles.  Minecraft also doesn’t have a clear progression at this time, and it makes sense that a nice way to mix up one’s gaming style is to play under a set of challenge rules.

Some of what follows is obvious, but I am hoping to create a list of interesting challenge concepts for Minecraft.  I haven’t spent a billion hours on Minecraft forums trying to find challenges, so everything in this post are my ideas, even if they’re not unique. In fact,  I wouldn’t be surprised if there I have duplicated challenges found elsewhere on the web.  My apologies if I step on some toes.

Challenges below may be mixed or matched however you choose, although some combinations may create rule sets that make the game completely unplayable.


There are many parts to this one, so bear with me.

  1. On start you are given a 24-hour grace period.  This means you are free to do whatever you want for the first day and night cycle in game.  After that, the following restrictions apply.
  2. Movement on the surface is limited to the space occupied by your anthill.  An anthill is a pyramid shaped structure centered on and built up from your spawn point.  For added challenge, you may restrict the allowed materials that can be added to the anthill.
  3. Movement below the surface is allowed, but if you breach into or follow a natural cavern to the surface (a place exposed to daylight), you must seal it off ASAP.

This challenge really puts stress on your actions during the start of the game.  Do you choose to put more time into resource collection instead of sheltering for the first night?  I like to build an anthill with a cobblestone base layer (so I can dig beneath without damaging the anthill) and a cobblestone spawn hut, over which I build the pyramid with sand.


The claustrophobic dislikes enclosed places.  Any shelter you build for nighttime cannot be more than 1/3 enclosed (for example, 2 of 6 sides of a cube).  You may not remove common blocks (sand, dirt, stone, and gravel) from positions which are not in sunlight.  This does allow you to enter natural caves and remove coal, steel, etc.

Dry Land

You are not allowed to enter or jump over running water.  Stricter interpretation of this rule would also prohibit counteracting water by cofferdams or plugging underground streams.

King of the Hill

The reverse of Anthill.  Rules:

  1. Like Anthill, you are given a 24 hour grace period.  At the end of the grace period, you must be located at the minimum altitude.  After the grace period ends, the following rules are in effect.
  2. Minimum altitude means you can jump straight up from your position and touch passing clouds (i.e. the camera is inside the cloud).  This should give you approximately 14 units of vertical space to work in.
  3. You are only allowed surface construction on or above the minimum altitude described in step 2.
  4. You are allowed to build subterranean structures below the minimum altitude so long as they open to the surface above minimum altitude.  Should you breach onto the surface or emerge from a natural cavern on the surface, you must seal the passage ASAP.
  5. You must keep forges, chests, and worktables above minimum altitude.
  6. On a respawn, you must return to minimum altitude immediately without engaging creatures or gathering resources.

I’ll admit I haven’t tested this one, so there might be unforeseen issues.


You are forbidden from harming pigs or eating their tasty ham.  This rule can be applied to any creature or food type.

Monument Builder

This is intended to be an intermediate death penalty between Penitence and Single Life.  Like Penitence, you must build structures that mark the passing of a life which must not be destroyed.  Additionally in Monument Builder, each structure must be finalized with the application of a rare resource immediately after you respawn.  I recommend a gold block for a strong challenge, or a redstone torch if you want less difficulty.  If you cannot finalize a monument after a respawn, your game is over.


Penitence is a minor death penalty which requires you to build a small structure which represents an occasion in which you respawned.  Going with a tombstone theme, I like a 3×3 cross (+) decorated with a torch.  Penitence markers cannot be intentionally destroyed.


The pugilist abhors weapons, choosing to face conflict with bare knuckles.  Never pick a fight on dry ground with more than one zombie.

Single Life

This is the most obvious challenge of all, in which you only play until you are killed and force to respawn.  I highly recommend it, as it drastically changes your risk profile.  Do you normally ignore armor and food because the respawn penalty is weak?  Try the single life challenge.

Traveling Light

You are prohibited from building or using chests.

That’s what I have for now.  If you have feedback, I’d love to hear it in the comments or via the contact form.

Written by Bill

October 8, 2010 at 1:24 am

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