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New Marrow, New Life for DMS

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Yes, this blog has been silent since the spring, ever since the failed start of the Film90 Project.  Film90 might be back at some later date, but life’s events took me on a different course.

So what happened?

Many of you know I have been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia since the summer of 2010.  Through the end of the 2010 I went through a round of chemotherapy designed to give my bone marrow a shot to restore itself to something resembling normalcy.  It worked, but only for four months.  I relapsed around the end of April, and was put on track for a bone marrow transplant.

The bone marrow transplant was twenty two days ago.  At the moment, I take a lot of immunosuppressants to help my implant along which leave me little more than a walking Petrie dish.  So I don’t get out much, and that will probably affect the content of Digital Monkey Shines.  Maybe less about current movies and a wider focus on other media and anything I think is worth talking about.  If it can be gotten easily over the internet, it might find its way to this blog.  There won’t be Majestic previews, as the theater is now outside of my 30-minute radius from the transplant clinic at the hospital (but you should still go to the movies at your local theater!).

There will be less gaming talk, as I find myself not playing many games these days.  I still find some time for Minecraft, but that’s about the limit.  Also look for a new domain address for the blog, it’s so little money out of pocket to do that I don’t know why I haven’t already made the move.

Thanks for the patronage, all three of you.  I hope to keep interesting content coming whilst I endure my medically-required homage to Omaha.

-Bill Van Arsdale

Owner, Digital Monkey Shines

Written by Bill

October 14, 2011 at 11:46 am

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